Special circumstances include things like:

A special circumstance form would typically be completed if a family is unable to meet the commitments for communication or submission of weekly work samples for a particular week due to extenuating circumstances. We ask you to complete the form so we are aware of your situation. This is intended as a once in a while special case, not to be overused from week to week.

HOHL approves most requests for special circumstances. Your HOHL teacher will only contact you regarding your request if it is in process or not approved. Frequent or recurrent requests, or requests for more than one consecutive week of special circumstances, may be sent to an HOHL committee for review before approval.



E-MAIL ADDRESS (must be the e-mail we have on file)

TYPE: (exemption or phone logging)

REASON FOR REQUEST: Please share what you feel comfortable sharing about your reason.


Note: When you click the submit button, you must prove you are human by entering the letters in the box and clicking 'continue' before your data will be submitted to HOHL.