Use this form to request a HOHL prepaid card.

Some families may choose to use a pre-loaded card to spend some or all of their budget. This card must be requested at the beginning of every school year, or when the family joins our program. The card has a cost of $35. The card will have the name of one student on it, but can be used for all the children in the family who are in the Hands-On program. Due to Bank rules, the card expires in early June cannot be re-used.

Cards will be issued only at specific times of year. Depending on when you put in your request, there may be a delay in receiving the card since it will be ordered in a batch with other cards. Please use the format below to request your card.



E-MAIL ADDRESS (must be the e-mail we have on file)

Please enter your postal code so we can confirm that we have the correct address on file.

I would like to request a prepaid card for some of our family's educational expenses.

I understand that the bank will charge $35 for this card.

I understand that funds on the prepaid card belong to HOHL and must only be used for items requested using the "Orcapod Request" link at and approved by HOHL staff.

I agree to send receipts for ALL purchases made on my HOHL prepaid card to HOHL immediately after the purchase is made.

Please enter your full name to acknowledge the above responsibilities in lieu of a signature.


Submitting this form is a request and not a guarantee of receiving a HOHL prepaid card.

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