Hands-On Home-Learning is able to support your child's learning plan with a small amount of funding for programs, books or resources that would typically be available to students registered at a school.

This form is also applicable for students who are part of the Special Education Program. Families can use this form to request Special Education services as well as some necessary supplies and resources for your program.

Please submit one form per proposed vender (company, program provider, or service provider.)

You must be active in the program to submit requests. This means you must be communicating regularly with your teacher and be up to date on weekly learning sample submissions before submitting your request. You must also submit your reflection question answers five times a year in a timely fashion.


-- We are not able to fund school supplies such as pencils, pens, markers, glue, paints, binders, paper, notebooks, and calculators, which are commonly found on the lists of school supplies that parents typically provide. Additionally, capital expenditures cannot be made. These include items like furniture, playground equipment, renovations to your home, smart-boards, etc.

-- If your request is for a non-consumable item we will also need you to fill out the loan agreement form. If you are unsure as to whether the item is consumable, continue to complete the request below and we will email you if any of the requested items are consumable.
Loan items include:

-- International orders - WE DISCOURAGE ORDERS THAT CROSS THE BORDER! Orders that come from the USA or any other international country are subject to extra shipping costs, duty, border charges, brokerage fees, etc. Fees may be a surprise as vendors are often unaware of the charges until the item reaches the border. The school does not pay these fees, and you will have to pay them upon delivery.



E-MAIL ADDRESS (must be the e-mail we have on file)

Please identify how this request will be used in your child's (or children's) learning experiences - please be specific, comprehensive, and elaborate.
(for example, stating "swimming lessons" is not enough information.)

identify whether you are requesting that the school pay for the items, or that your prepaid card be loaded for the purchase (you must already have or have requested a card). Please note that we may change the payment method.

the name of the company where you would suggest the purchase be made. Please note that we may use a different the vendor.

information about how we can contact this company directly. Please include an e-mail address if possible.

the complete list of the items you are requesting that be purchased, or the details of any classes or courses you are requesting including dates and times.
Include the price of each item, and the taxes and shipping costs for each/all item(s).

If this is a class or lessons or sessions, please enter the date that you are hoping to start.
Otherwise, enter N/A.

Please enter your postal code so we can confirm that we have the correct address on file.

Oak and Orca School is required to adhere to the privacy act and does not share private information without permission. In order to process some requests, however, vendors ask for some personal information by e-mail and/or phone in order to fulfill the purchase. This might include Parent Name(s), Parent Address, Parent Phone Number, Student Name(s), and/or Student Birthdate(s). Please indicate whether you are ok with the above information being shared, if it is required by the vendor, solely for the purposes of fulfilling this request.

the total amount requested.


Submitting this form is a request for items and not a guarantee that they will be purchased by HOHL.

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